Meaning of Weak in muscle testing

What makes a muscle test weak?

As you read how to do a muscle test in, you learn to understand that muscle testing is a trust in yourself, a learning to rely on the motion (or not) that you will perceive. Something you will have to get familiar with as you start to practize muscle testing.

Movement of a limb — As stated the goal of muscle testing is to observe what is happening with the limb as you put a little pressure on it. As in terms of Touch for Health, to bring the muscle under movement stress occurring while you move the limb in a direction that has a stretching effect on the muscle that lies in the line of movement. We observe what is happening with the limb, because that has the strongest sway, the greatest range of movement.

Strong and Weak — And what do we observe technically: movement or NO movement. In terms of Touch for Health it is called Strong or Weak. The goal of this text is to focus on what makes a muscle test Strong and what makes it Weak.

It is very easy to give a mechanical explanation for this thing called Weak or Strong, in a way of “a stress impuls that activates the brain to produce certain chemicals that inhibit the nervous system, thus showing a weak muscle“. It may or may not be the case.

Again as you have read you by now know that we can discriminate THREE occurances of muscle monitors:

  • A muscle test is strong and reacts as the spindle cell is activated
  • A muscle test is strong and stays strong
  • A muscle test is weak.

As I already work with muscle testing for a long long time now – and having it internalized along the way ( – muscle monitoring no longer is liable for an explanation in the line of “stress impulses and chemicals”.

As I have internalized it, it has become more of a mentalizing act. Where my mind focuses on the field of stress and the Body Mind Spirit conglomerate reaches out for me and shows me where to go with the corrections.

When the muscle stays Strong — Doing so I have noticed that a muscle stays Strong when Body Mind Spirit struggle to keep everything forcefully under control. In other words Body Mind Spirit is on the brink of losing control over the situation at hand. Energy is about to dissipate. It is all hand on deck.

When the whole body tests weak — As in “Total Weakness” in muscle testing you find Body Mind Spirit have retreated to standards of the Other-then-Conscious. In other words Conscious “has left town”, you are in the middle of Survival. Acting you the way you always saved your butt. In this way I have noticed that testing Weak is a state of body mind spirit where the conscious / unconscious has chosen to step out of the body, possibly more in the aura. In a way Will has chosen or is forced to go out of body’s way. This out of body experience is something you don’t want to experience too long, for it makes you feel steerless.

So, what I would like to know from you, whether or not – my fellow tester – you are observing the same??

Keeping a CLEAR mind while testing — Thought may come up in your mind that I am manipulating the system. Heaven forbid. I observe and have a CLEAR mind while I am testing. And I hope you too! It is energy we observe, it is energy we want to get flowing again. No flow, no replenishing. And you know what it is like to be in a flow, don’t you?!!

>> Touch for Health is a form of Specialized Kinesiology.
>> Manual muscle testing a means by which we as kinesiologist enter a dialogue with Body Mind Spirit to ultimately HEAL THAT WOUNDED HEART and bring energy back to flow!
>> A CLEAR mind is necessary for you to observe that WHAT IS.


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Practitioner of Specialized Kinesiology, The Netherlands
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