Flying dance: Temple style lomi lomi massage groundwork

Kahu Abraham: Kahuna Temple Style Bodywork

Temples Style is just what is is! — When you enter the room of the masseur you are REALLY entering a room that is “decorated like a temple”. And you know what it is to be in a temple, don’t you! You are invited to go inside and relax. While th masseur is doing his dance, you relax … and because you are in a temple you may find during that relaxation something “spiritual” happening or not. And that is what is different from lomilomi.

Kahuna Temple Style Bodywork in action

This DVD at holds invaluable information as you watch how Kahuna Temple Style Bodywork is done [see clip].

Kahuna Bodywork is meditative massage

The Kahuna are more than just priests, medicine men or shamans as you might find them in other native cultures. Of course there would have been a Kahuna priest to lead people in worship and purification ceremonies. But generally the Kahuna is a master professional in one or more chosen fields.

Ancient (Hawaiian) Kanaka Maoli Kahuna Bodywork is NOT a massage in the sense of a normal Lomi lomi, as its effect is projected to other members of the genetic family lineage [aina], future and past. Kahu Abraham brought Kahuna (temple style) Bodywork into the world, and as he stated “was only understood and done by a Kahuna or those trained by a Kahuna to highest level of understanding (in principle, not in technique!)”.

  • To be able to use the word Kahuna in association with the bodywork, one needed to have permission by the Kahuna. At the beginning the work was called simply Hawaiian Bodywork, later at highest level Kahuna Bodywork.
  • Kahuna Bodywork training is available in various countries, as Ki’a’i Ho’okahi and Kahu Abraham Kawai’i developed over 2 years.
  • Kahuana Bodywork contains Lomilomi (massage) on basis of the flight of the performer. 1) As it is boldly more of a meditative expression by means of the flying dance as it is performed by the practitioner while moving around the “table”. [Steps of the flying dance can be observed in videoclip above]
  • Kahuna Bodywork is NOT to be mistaken with the Hawaiian family style of Lomi lomi, or any other name given by Western society. So if you only want to learn the massage techniques don’t go here!

Kahu Abraham started training non-Hawaiians in the 1960’s, (against the advice of the secretive Kahuna Guild (Kanaka Maoli). 2)

Ka’alele au, a dance or ‘flight’ with the body on the table – Also called the Flying dance or when performed in conjunction with bodywork a “flight with the body” is the beginning of learning to read the ‘Script’ of the body.

  • The Flying dance steps are Sacred steps of Kahi, the first form of the Flight of the Performer.
  • Only when intent and purpose get completely eliminated from the mind of the performer the ‘flight’ will be internalised. The effects go far beyond the effects of massage.
  • “Flying dance” has 143 forms in performance of the Flight and beyond. The Flight is filtering more into all types of massage trainings.

It is as Whirling like a Derwish,
dancing as a Shaman on a monotonus beat,  or
watching while feeling-thoughts melt as snow for the sun,
one becomes One with Nature.
Nature that is always and forever.

Flying Dance is meditation in movement When intent and purpose are completely eliminated from the mind of the Performer while in “flight”, the mind is CLEAR and one can “FEEL” oneself as ONE with the person on the table. In this state the Performer is like a mediator between the physical and the non-physical worlds. Simply dancing in the Right State of Mind should make that difference. And, yes, you can experience that for your self. And while dancing you perform lomi lomi healing strokes. Ain’t that great. Have you enjoyed the videoclip? NO! If you have the time, this is your chance!


1) _”The traditional Hawaiian (Kanaka Maoli) Massage, is called Lomilomi or Romi (meaning to knead) and was formerly taught generally within the structure of the Hawaiian society. This is the common style of massage comparable to what Swedish massage is to modern day people.”

2) _ Read this message [“Hawaiian LomiLomi” by Nancy S. Kahalewaí], page 52:
[Kahuna Temple Style Bodywork …] While most of this work can be beneficial, and the healing principles are universal, it is NOT CONSIDERED – by the Kanaka Naoli – to be Native Hawaiian in Origin. This upsets many Hawaiians who feel their sacred ways are constantly exploited for profit.”

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