Let Ross Jeffries teach you … How to Nail Your Inner Game!

The “Nail Your Inner Game” Frame

Think about this. Can you …

  1. Take any and all confusion, frustration, and stuckness you’ve ever experienced in ackward situations, and immediately convert it to pure, immediately usable learning. Learnings that bounce you right back, and automatically do things right the next time!
  2. Develop a “stealth charisma” that is subtly attractive, completely undetectable, and utterly independent of any external validation from anyone!
  3. Have assurance or guarantee of success of any kind before you take bold (and fun) decisive steps, as if you walked like a giant where other people fear to step?
  4. Stop making excuses like, “I understand but don’t do it”, and get moving right now in the real world with the success you’ve always wanted!

Yes, you can! Ofcourse you can picture this being possible. The only thing for you have to do is step out this classic border of which you frame yourself to live in. Just follow along and you learn how you’ll shortly be doing all these things, and a lot more. Read more to find a most systematic, fool proof, breakthrough method for untangling the confusion and “re-infection” that keeps people – like you – stuck entirely, or stuck at a very underachieving level, and find there is now a way where anyone can use it.

When you shoot yourself in the foot over and over again — You may understand things intellectually – one who had every word that’s ever said memorized – and still can’t get moving and take the action needed. Or far more common, do a little bit, see some success, but when things don’t go exactly as you want you give up for weeks or months or even permanently. Or even worse you slide back down the learning curve, forgetting everything you did right, and then fight through months of confusion and fear just to get back to where you left off!

In other words, it seems that somehow, even when you wanted to learn and master this stuff… it Is like another “Part” or Process Inside is fighting you.

Is a Crappy Learning Strategy reason for you to Never Really Learn? — One of the problems of having such a Crappy Learning Strategy is how it slowly erodes the sense of possibility, requiring even more pushing and mental energy every time you want to pick yourself up and “try again”.

Does this sound familiar? When you think about it, you may realize there is this constant chewing on mistakes going on in the background, all the time. Even when you are not consciously dwelling on it. You may notice it when you listen quietly, observe what is going on in your mind, like a Silent Witness.

You find yourself not only keeping rehearsing (and thus repeating) your errors, you also carry around a constant, dull, background sadness and confusion that fogs up every aspect of your life. Notice that!

The vibe this creates around you pushes the other away, who pick up on the internal pain and confusion and… Just Don’t Want To Be Around It!

The Code Is Cracked And Discover Now How to …

  • Turn This “Re-infection” Mechanism OFF,
  • Convert All The Power And Process Behind It Into Pure And Savagely Effective Learning, Unbreakable Motivation,
  • Rocket Consistent Excellence Up The Learning Curve!

A method to review images, memories and beliefs — At a meditation retreat there was this amazing teacher, who for now will have to remain nameless. 1) This teacher taught a simple, remarkable method – based on a 2,500 year old meditation practice (Vipassana) – to separate out the painful emotional energy from past old, stuck limiting beliefs images memories. This method allows you to extract all the less than useful emotion out of these images memories beliefs, so that emotion no longer feeds them. Now, he was teaching this method merely for the purpose of attaining more “purification” and peace of mind.

See how you can use this method to review images memories beliefs contained in your learning experiences, past and present. You can instantly, efficiently learn from them without being sucked back into them. To separate out and remove emotion allows for a cleaned up, updated, objective, clarity-based review for instant learning. Emotion is no longer clouding up one’s view and screwing up one’s learning.

No matter your past, no matter the pain or confusion or frustration in the experience, you will learn (with these special ways of thinking shown) exactly what to do next time! So you are guaranteed …To Get It Exactly Right The Next Time!

Combining this insight with magick, NLP and hypnosis, Ross Jeffries came up with 6 other elements or modules to guarantee that anyone could rocket up the learning curve and go from frustration and confusion to empowered learning, laser-like clarity, and effective in-field action in minutes!

Learn more: Nail Your Inner Game!

Using this incredible system- 3 DVD’s and 3 CD’s recorded from a live seminar – you will learn:

  • How to quiet and clear your mind, for maximum learning and empowered perception.
  • How to develop incredible focus, so you can choose and redirect your thoughts, in an instant, in the field, in even the most trying situations, choosing your power, over your past!
  • How to train your mind to first and foremost spot everything and anything you’ve done right in every situation, so you develop an intelligent and informed motivation-not ignoring what needs to be fixed, but first and foremost seeing what you are doing well. (Called: the “extractor”)
  • The 9 key beliefs for immediate emotional recovery, so you move from confusion to clarity in moments, and keep right on effectively going no matter what!
  • The key “diagnostic categories” allowing you to immediately spot exactly where and exactly what you need to improve, at every level, small and large, obvious AND subtle (you could spend years and years on your own and never see all of these- seeing them is the key to true mastery.)
  • The Power of Emotional “Transmutation”. Forget about stuffing negative emotions, buying back into them, or trying to push through them. And forget about “clearing” or even “healing” them!
  • The Ultimate Sarge Review Process. This is IT!! The simple 20 minute process you’ll use, at the end of every sarge, successful, screwed up, or those “in-between” ones that you really can’t quite figure out! This process will have you turning around even the most difficult sarges and, get you back in the field doing things right, with easy, effortless confidence!


1) Shinzen Young — After listening to these recordings Ross disclosed that this person was none other than Shinzen Young, a wellknown Vipassana Teacher with a nice voice to listen to! [http://www.shinzen.org]

>> More on Shinzen Young on this blog

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