Bibliomantia: As Huna Warrior you create your world

Bibliomantia and “Huna Warrior create the world in yourself”

This morning I sat down with a cup of coffee – as I like it – and I opened this book called “The Heart of HUNA” [Laura Lealoha Yardley] and my eyes were drawn to the sentence “Warriors change themselves and, by doing so, effect a change in the world”. This is nothing new, but what attracted me was “Warriors“.
It was not much later this day I opened
my e-mail. And with “Warriors” in my mind-eye there again, there were sentences like this: “A warrior does not deny circumstances, but s/he finds a way to win in spite of them.”

Bibliomantia is “fortune telling based on reading of text by opening of a book and interpreting it accordingly”. Not that I want to do some fortunetelling, I just want to elaborate on something that seems important in the moment I write this text.

With “Warriors” in my mind-I — I like to start rewriting the sentence in: “As Warrior you create the World in yourself, and by doing so, affect and change the world”. This is the way I relate it with my knowledge of life – my way of thinking about the Path – today. And I imagine this is what “The Heart of HUNA” intends to bring accross.

I know there are all sorts of warriors. The Warrior I like to address to is YOU and the way you [can] have affect on the world you live in, by reason of thinking yourself in the World. Yes, in CAN lies the crux. Because whether you like it or not, you affect the world. Just like “the flap of a butterfly’s wings in Brazil can set off a tornado in Texas”. It does not matter if you start change inside of you, or in the physical world. It is up to you to take responsiblity or possiblity in hand to MAKE THE WORLD you wish it to be.

“The Heart of Huna” is a practical guide in becoming the Spiritual Warrior you want to be. The steps are outlined. The only thing that can hold you back is the way of thinking. But when you can adapt, here is a place to start exploring more >> <<. Yes, consider to surf to this webplace as your heart is with Huna.

>> hxxp://

And me?! I am getting better and better!
Proces versus Nominalization (“Personality”), [Hall, Michael c.s.]
– ‘Doing’ boundaries [Linden, Anne] and
“Undoing Dogma from unquestioned authorities in your past” [THoH, page 58]


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