Get High on Rhythm

Stop House Music and dancing to monotonous rhythms

Dancing flames (flashing in precise patterns in sophisticated goggles) and precisely throbbing drumbeats (heard through headphones) can help you cross into places where you may encounter an important stranger — yourself.

There is nothing new! — Ever since ancient times, men and women have known that dancing to rhythmic drumbeats can make you bridge the abyss that must be traversed if — at all — we are to make a journey into the Other World — the world of Deep Trance.

Light & Sound Machine Can Make You Relax — Many people use light and sound machines to help them achieve any (or all) of these objectives in this special way. You know to get high we must work on the sensitization of the nervous system. Monotonous rhythms do make it happen, and now also light & sound machines. Mind tools that is what they are called. And they have so many tantalizing possibilities.

Mind tools — This website has it all

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Mind tools for Creativity — Use for brainstorming and problem-solving, or for creative visualization and self- transformation.

Mind tools for Learning — Use with language cassettes and other learning tapes-or just before or after classes or meetings to improve recall. Check out the programs for -“twilight” or “sleep” learning.

Mind tools for Meditation — Use programs for deep relaxation combined with mental alertness-or deeper and more dreamlike states.

Mind tools for Psychic Development — Mind yourself, finding yourself floating out of your body. Having a Out of Body Experiences (OOBE) or what to think of Knowing things. You never know what experience you may have once your nervous system is ready for it.

Mind tools for Relaxation Take an energizing break! Once the response is learned. relaxed states can be reached in minutes (or even seconds)! Use to prevent jet lag-before you land.

Mind tools for Sleep — Use when tired, but not ,yet sleepy – or if you wake up and can’t get back to sleep

Mind tools for Stress release — See relaxation

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Get High on Rhythm of Impluses … be it Light, Sound or Drumbeats.


Don’t be surprised when wandering through the extensive list of possiblities,
you find something is there for you at


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Practitioner of Specialized Kinesiology, The Netherlands
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