Facts about the Thyroid Glands functions

Ruth B. Drown: Thyroid gland

Extract from “Drown H.V.R. and Radio-Vision”

HVR stands for Homo-Vibra (Man Vibration) Ray. An apparatus with which the diagnosis is being made and the treatment is being transmitted on base of a sample of dried blood. And remember with any diseased area we have to normalize functions of all endocrine glands by treatment of the lymph stream with the H.V.R.  Question arises: Is the lymph stream the means by which the ductless glands distribute their hormones throughout the system?. [Endocrinology page 99]

“In 1935, Dr. Drown had perfected an instrument that was the logical extension of her experience with photography, film development and radionics. Accomplishing something that is simply mind boggling. She developed a simple apparatus that was largely a modification of her Homo-Vibra Ray Instrument.

She devised a way to channel the same etheric Life Force energy that she was detecting with the diagnosis portion of her instrument though a photographic plate and utilizing a special reverse method of film development, produced stunning photographs of soft and hard tissue anywhere within the body using only a dried drop of the patient’s blood on a piece of blotter paper.

In 1960, she published an 8″ x 5″ booklet intended for physicians called Radio-Vision, Scientific Milestone. Within that booklet were 22 of the most astounding photographic plates ever recorded. Sharply detailed and contrasted images of various organs and tissues of the body shown in cross section (much as would be seen with a CAT scan) made without the presence of the patient and involving no harmful exposure to radiation, electromagnetism, drugs, and at very little expense.”

>> http://educate-yourself.org/tjc/ruthdrownuntoldstory.shtml

Functions of this gland:

  • Releases Thyroxine: for elevating Iodine in the bloodstream,
  • Controls or regulates metabolism,
  • Helps sensitization of cells to sympathetic stimulation,
  • Assists in the control of tissue differentiation,
  • Increases the heart rate,
  • Controls coagulation time,
  • Increases urea and fluid secretion,
  • Stimulates alertness mentally,
  • Controls/regulates fat in the body,
  • Controls intestinal motility.

Function in relation to other endocrines:

  • Influences all other endocrine glands especially the suprarenals,
  • Thyroxin antagonistic to insulin in the pancreas,
  • Antagonistic to the parathyroids,
  • Synergistic to the medulla of the suprarenals,
  • Closely related to the gonads,
  • Acts on influence of the pituitary.

Conditions resulting from Hypo-function:

  • Lack of thyroid secretion in infancy interferes with both mental an physical growth and development.
  • Resulting in slow growth in children,
  • Delayed maturity,
  • Overweight (obesity),
  • Scanty or absent menstruation in the girl and
  • Extreme sluggishness in general in the boy.

Conditions resulting from Hyper-function

  • The individual is quick, vivacious; both mentally and physically,
  • Decreased kidney function,
  • Decreased arteries, veins and heart action,
  • Increase of stimulation of sensory and motor nerves.

Ruth Drown

>> http://educate-yourself.org/tjc/ruthdrownuntoldstory.shtml


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