Benefits of Autoresponders and Lists


Autoresponders: Money is in the List

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  • Marketing guru Jay Levinson estimates “the average person needs to See an Ad 27x before it has the desired impact. Think about that … Twenty seven times!”
  • You can reduce your advertising risk, when you use an autoresponder follow-up system with an element of viral marketing.
  • It is the best way to advertise something that will “bring people in the door”. Freebies (like a mini-course, sweepstakes} or items at exceptionably low prices work well. Attract attention from those who want to listen to you.
  • You can, use autoresponders to send information about your services or products. Intelligent answers on FAQ’s about your products or services are met with open arms.
  • Money is in the list and the way to achieve that is to be friends with your Autoresponder.
  • Autoresponders protect your listmembers and you from abuse of private information.

Autoresponder(s) — These programs vary from software that runs with your email program to a specialized script that runs on your web hosting company’s server. This kind of script may use a web page form or simply operate with your email account. The script is programmed to send out a standardized message whenever an email is received. The message is automatically send to the email address provided by the subscriber.

There are autoresponders that can do even more than simply send out email messages. They can send out an unlimited number (as much as you need) of follow-up messages sent at predetermined day(s) or time. And maybe as a mini-series (In terms of broadcast)

Send a signature with your mail — You can use your signature to every email that you send out. In this way it works as a repeated reminder of your business identity every time a customer sees it. Remember the insight of Jay Levinson [above: 27x] . The more they look at your signature, the more likely your company will spring to mind when your particular service or product is needed.
As an extra advantage point, when the reciever forgot your url, the reciever can find it is right there .. easy for them to click on and access.

Effective and powerful — Autoresponders are an effective and powerful marketing tool. As they allow you to make contact with thousands of potential customers – because you have them in your List -, whenever you start a new campaigne. Remember the people in your List are an invaluable asset!
Consider this! How many potential customers you usually have contact with before you make an actual sale. The aim of the autoresponder should be … to find a balance between sending bulk messages without getting the label “spam”. This is because you only want email addresses from those who gave you permission to send you this mailing. And all that with the option to the reciever to stop being on the email list. That is ultimately the way to do it.

In essence — An autoresponder allows you to automate part of your marketing campaign and since “you can use your time only once” you find letting the autoresponder do its automated work you have time to do other important things in the meantime. Life can be fun you know!


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