Applied/Specialized Kinesiology: Isn’t a drudge!

Applied/Specialized Kinesiology isn’t a drudge

If Applied/Specialized Kinesiology were a drudge it would be no fun nor for me nor the client. In my sessions there is no repetition, no dull work. No room for drudge.

After a small-talk we start by installing ourself in the position that is most comfortable: laying on the back on the table. After which I begin my basic routine … but not for long! Soon your body-mind-spirit show me where you really want to work on. Your muscles show me while I muscle test! And I follow the instructions body-mind-spirit wants me to go. Mind you that can be totally different than where you came for. And jet the result seems to be the same. Yes, body-mind-spirit work in mysterious ways, don’t you think?

Applied/Specialized Kinesiology is hands on work

You and I know muscle testing is the pulsating heart of a kinesiological session. It is called kinesiological just because we use muscle testing as such. And as you also know kinesiology is directly related to the moving apparatus (i.e. in our case your body). The body as the measuring device, how direct can one be? In other words, it is our way of calibrating the system. It is different from testing for symptoms, it is more subtle and the information searched for is different, it is more like biofeedback from body-mind-spirit.

There are those who find it difficult to learn. I was one of them. Happily I’ve overcome my problems. Now, my challenge focuses on the ability to interpret the information given while I get the different readings. Be it actual/believe system/symbolic. I learn every time. And the client gets better and better. Isn’t that what we are working for? Yes, sometimes it takes time, a different approach to get the expected results. Don’t you think this is a challenge? I do!!

Applied/Specialized Kinesiology is balancing the energy system of the body

Ultimately it is the bodily energy system that needs the support: chakra, meridian, metabolic, auric. I use primarily bodywork (acupressure, micro body movement corrections, Reiki). Mind you I like NLP-like methods too. And the outcome is the way you feel: good, better, upper best. After all, “how you feel is the basis for your action” in the most positive way. Proof: Satisfied clients keep coming back … and they do come back!

Again … kinesiology is no drudge! kinesiology is a challenge. For you and me!!


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Practitioner of Specialized Kinesiology, The Netherlands
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