SMART people in jeopardy


Why Are So Many SMART People Broke?

S – specific, significant, stretching
M – measurable, meaningful, motivational
A – agreed upon, attainable, achievable, acceptable, action-oriented
R – realistic, relevant, reasonable, rewarding, results-oriented
T – time-based, timely, tangible, trackable

Scott Bolin speaks: Let’s get right to the heart of the matter: if someone is broke, it’s due to one, all, or a combination of these 5 areas:
1. Lack of Knowledge
2. Lack of Application of Knowledge
3. Lack of Adaptive Aggression
4. Subconscious Aversion or Reversal
5. Lack of Consistency

This applies not only to making money, but also to getting anything you want in life. Most folks who thoroughly study a body of knowledge – such as hypnosis, seduction, huna, nlp, etc, get lots of Knowledge and are genuinely smart people.” Extract from: Dr Yates J Canipe Newsletter, Straightforward Inc.

This information is a part of a sales letter to plug “MARTIAL MASTERY Secrets Revealed!” (13 DVDS) for a price of $1,497 ( – in case you are interested). Mind you I don’t get a dime mentioning this. The goal of this article is to pounder on the list mentioned above.

Because, you know, I think this list has something to it. Namely is its applicable on many areas if not all of human thinking/acting.

Knowledge is one base of existence – We are humans and can think as supra-animal creatures. We act on what we know and everyday we learn new things. Knowledge and the crave for knowledge brought us into the 21th century the way we experience it to day. Knowledge is the mental notion of the structure of the problem at hand.

The right stimuli to use this Knowledge – It is not enough to crave for knowledge, to let knowledge come to you. In your mind’s Eye you need to see/feel the things you can do or not do with this knowledge. These are the experiences we base our applicability of this “new” knowledge.

Are you eager to use it enough – Then next there is the need for stimuli that produce enough power to make you want to make use of the newly found knowledge. Inviting you to play with it. Think of electrical stimulation to go, to spark, to ignite. To start the juices cumming and keep them cumming. You know what I mean. Energy flows where your attention goes. Focus!!

Subconscious Aversion or Reversal? – We humans are creatures of habits. Habits are synonymous to feeling of safe, feeling of known. Habits are of the realm of the subconscious, the place we go when we go on autopilot. Krishnamurti always pointed to the black records of old times where there was one groove on each side. The subconscious want to stay within the groove. If you counteract the Subconscious you find aversion or reversal. Just looking at it differently opens up possibilities, replacing these habits with new routines overcomes this problem as explained in the HUNA way of life: (THE SEVEN PRINCIPLES).

Enough mass to work on, to work with – There is this Ebook on “The World’s Best Compost” where there is mention of the need for colloid humus. Colloid humus is compost that has a consistency of butter. The goal is to keep all nutrients butter-like together, releasing the nutrients when needed. The image presented here is that knowledge needs to stay compact and coherent, such that application and approving of this knowledge is used in a self-learning routine. Ever maintaining the loop for learning more of the possibilities that are withheld in it.

So you see: Knowledge we recieve, needs to find the right soil (just like a seedling), enough nourishment to grow on, fight back on pests, keep on doing it every day. This does remind me of Peter Sellers’movie “Being there”, where he is a gardener and influences many people.



HUNA application


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