Here is how to find your blindspot


Find your Visual Blindspot

Here is how to experience it first hand –Close your left and eye and just focus your right eye on the tiny cross. At some point the big circle will disappear as it crosses your ‘blind spot’. If you can’t see this effect, then try sitting closer/further from the screen”.


Just remember!!! – Now you know you have one … suprised to know everyone has one?!

Here is why – The human eye has a blindspot in its field of vision. This lies on the point of the retina where the optic nerve leads back into the brain. The retina has no light-sensitive rods or cones at this point, and so a small object in the field of vision’s blindspot becomes invisible”. It – in fact – is a simple 101 knowledge item that everyone should know about. Don’t you think? An explanation as easy as life can be.

I wish it were true for other blindspots we have in our lifes. Alas, finding these blindspots is more of a hassle to do. But now you have two visual blindspots, maybe … maybe you may find yourself almost naturally noticing your blindspots in other areas of you life to. Wouldn’t that be a gift from your unconscious to your conscious. Yes, life can play miracles on you …

What to do with these blindspots in other areas of your life – Well, how do you cope with these visual blindspots in life now you know you have them? Is it not true that you really not notice them and that is because you move your head constantly. The only moment you become aware of it is when you are sitting still and focus. … And is this not meditation in its purest form? … Focus, breathe in and breathe out, now. I suggest meditate on that for a moment or two, three, four.  When you do this you finally become aware of life itself. I promise!

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