PHP: Learn to code while you get to know tricks and tips


<? php
echo “Hello World”;

Simple PHP – Volumes I, II & III with Robert Plank – You will find that Simple PHP – Volumes I, II & III with Robert Plank are packed full of information in an easy-to-read format, with all the PHP examples color-coded.

  • You’ll discover “tricks of the trade” created and used by a professional you know and trust, Robert Plank, some his prime examples: “Lightning Track”, “RedirectPro”, “TurboThanks”, “CodeWarden”, “Ezine Rocket”, and “Hypersplitter”.
  • You’ll read chapters written in an intuitive, interactive style with assignments to complete before continuing. These volumes are available as instant downloads. They come in PDF form so you can read them on any computer, even a Mac.
  • You will truly enjoy the conversational tone in the lessons that is refreshing and just like having Robert sitting right there with you, guiding you all the way through

>> Learn PHP in a formidable way. Learn it from Robert Plank. <<
[Robert has a way of telling the story and showing you really nice snippets you can use immediately. I recommend Robert if you are like me … a hands-on person!]


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