Bux.to: Earn your monthly income clicking yourself a way


You are here for a reason. And if you are like me you find yourself thinking “How can I easily and save earn some extra and save money?”. I found a possible answer to that question. Investigate this!

Imagine yourself earning a monthly income just by Surfing Ads. Wouldn’t that be nice!? Ofcourse you think “yep that will not happen!”. And yes, you are right. But now imagine you have help from others who also are Surfing Ads. And their Surfing-clicks are added to your statistics. Can you see that when you have many of these “Other People” your amount adds up easily to an amount you may wish to receive every month in your private account.

Yes, you can make this happen. Bux.to and other systems offer you to buy Surfing-help so that you yourself can manage how many un-referred Surfing-clickers you want and how quickly you get a higher monthly income you want to have. Now, to make that happen you might want to buy un-referred Surfing-clickers (referrals). And as you do so you will find yourself earning that easy income. Ofcourse you can do your thing to click you own Surf Ads.

Bux.to (and other sites) … offer you a means to earn your monthly income clicking yourself a way. You can do it to0, do you?

1. From your the Surf Ads linkpage select the website you wish to focus on.

2. View the website forn 30 second sessions.

3. After these 30 seconds, you’ll either get a green “tick” sign or a red ‘X‘.

The green “tick” sign means you’ve earned $0.01 for the visit ($0.0125 as premium member ). A red ‘X‘ means you have not earned money for the visit. For one you’ll get red X‘s when you have more than one website from the Surf Ads linkpage open. When this happens, you get no credit.

After the green “tick” sign the link in the Surf Ads linkslist is being striked through. Meaning you can not use this link anymore for the day. Well when you bought yourself in as a premium member you find yourself earning $ 0,0125 instead of $ 0,01 per click.

I am glad we don’t get as much red “X“‘s no more as we used to get. It was rather annoying, because I had to come back on another time on the day.

“Clicking can get somewhat addictive!” … Tell me something. Driven to earn some back I take the time to click every link … and you know what?! Every once in a while you really get to see an interesting site worth following through.

If you have the time and will, invest some energy in this project click this link to hxxp://bux.to

P.S. In order to get paid you have to sign in (ofcourse) and have a PayPal account, CreditCard.


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