Sensitization of the Nervous system: Activation of the Plexuses


When I talk about sensitization of the various plexuses in our body in such a way they are coming to life they can contain and deliver the flow of energy throughout the whole body. From bottom to top. On the way to the top you find: sacral spinal ganglion, lumbal spinal ganglion, solaris plexus, spleen plexus, heart plexus etc..

When you have heard of Kundalini, activating these plexuses may be the physical aspect of the phenomenon of the rising of Kundalini.

When you have heard of chakras, these may be the physical centra that incorporate the chakras.

Until I have the evidence of this being the case. I state it by holding on to the “may be”.

The NEP System™: Neuroenergetic Psychology™

When I think back I remember a workshop in 1993 by Richard and Shanti Duree that introduced me to this mechanism.

What I think I am saying here is that it is time for me to dig somewhat deeper into the feeling of this mechanism.

Hey, may be I will find enlightenment in the process. Wouldn’t that be great. Because somewhere in my unconscious I have this eager to find it out myself.

Experience it from bottom to top, to finally say … there is no may be … it IS!

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Practitioner of Specialized Kinesiology, The Netherlands
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