Brainwashing or thought reform: the technique to keep and recruit new members

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Brainwashing or thought reform is the technique that all cults use to keep and recruit new members. The goal is to modify the attitudes, behaviors and beliefs of a recruit so that it conforms to the attitudes, behaviors, and beliefs of all of the members.

The important feature about brainwashing is that it is done over and over again to achieve the desired goal. When people stop thinking independently for themselves, when they stop questioning their own personal sense of right and wrong, and when they refuse to listen to information that conflicts with their own beliefs… then they have been effectively brainwashed.

The message behind this text would be something like:

  • Let information come to you, but do what you want to do with it.
    • Know for your self what you want.
    • Be critical in what you think and listen to.
    • Most of feel good about the decision you made.

The goal: “To be able to look yourself in the eye, acknowledge your right to think the way you think and feel, know what you want and delete what is obsolete.”

The art of making Space

What is full is full! And where there is fullness there can be no space.To delete what is obsolete has only one goal and that is to give energy chance to move. Like in weather terminology: wind only exists where there is low and high pressure.

Sometimes deleting is a hard thing to do. The thing here is to have leverage. And this leverage is to have the THOUGHT. In fact everything starts with a thought and as time progresses it becomes clearer and clearer, it gives shape and then thing(s) start to happen. Be ready to act when the time is right!

See, feel the wind blow through the leaves in the tree!
And like a surfer see the surf coming, be ready to ride that surf!

Because when you get the surf, you will definitely get a high. Isn’t that what you really want in life? To surf the high tide. Feel the speed in order to feel life is worth living. Feel the adrenaline rush running through your veins.

So in short: Making space = have the right thought, cultivate that thought and be ready to ride that surf coming.

The only way to become aware of the truth of a statement is to experiment with it. Validate this to be true par example and do not take thing(s) for granted. Let this fact be your truth. Let your thought be your truth.


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