Methodology of kinesiology. It is more and hypnosis plays a part

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The methodology of Kinesiology

When people talk about kinesiology, people tend to relate it to the one mechanism that makes Applied/Specialized Kinesiology different and that is: . What people are not  aware of (and should be) is that there is more to it.

Applied/Specialized Kinesiology is more than pulling someones arm or leg! You see it is just a part of the methodology. Muscle monitoring is the measuring part. Measuring what is at hand, measuring what is needed, measuring if what was presented is enough.

Thoughout the years many systems have been developed in : Touch for Health, Three in One Concepts, Applied Physiology, Health Kinesiology, LEAP, Edu Kinesiology etc. etc. etc. Each of which with its own methodology of handling the energy blocking.

Basic to all of these methods is the axioma that there is a interreferential link between body, mind, spirit. Where within the body is contained the relationship between structure – metabolism – emotion – energy. (ICAK)

While offering a wide range of correction methods – as taught in each of these specializations – which is only limited by the knowledge and experience of the practitioner, in practice everyone makes changes is someone elses live everyday.

In fact when focusing on your own daily live isn’t that true for you too.

Muscletesting: Perform an act of dancing in the flow of changing energy

The mechanism of this measuring device is conscious/subconscious-neurological/energetic in nature. Undergoing the muscletest one goes in a natural state of trance (relaxation). It behoves a special internal state.

A change of mind of the practitioner and the testperson in which the two ““. This changing energy is an outcome of the offered corrections by the practitioner and the acknowledgement of the testperson.

In fact performing the act of muscle monitoring is the physical method of making rapport. Making rapport being the only way of bringing communication on a higher level of interchanging energy. A state in which to give and to take is a natural thing to do.

: A natural behaviour

Change is a state is the nature of hypnosis. As stated, any form of communication always produces some kind of trancelike state (hypnosis). Therefore we can not live without it. Communication is the basic key of our relating to others.

In fact where there is no communication there is no flow of energy. Therefore there is no information as it is transmitted within the flow of energy. We need information to redirect our lives into the direction we program ourselves subconsciously.

Changing the subconscious requires the ability to relax. To go in . It requires hypnosis. Therefore hypnosis is a natural behaviour.

Well known facts:
>> Muscle monitoring: stress management in dialog with the body
>> Where there is communication there is hypnosis.
>> To stay in the NOW is to breath consciously


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