Christine Breese Video Satsang, Satsang You Tube

And now the time has come for me to go back. Go back to the time where I read many many books about the talks of KRISHNAMURTI.

[] himself is no more. But people like him will always be! And Christine Breese is just one of those who really really understand and talk about the things that really matter in life as we live it.

[Christine Breese in one of her lectures]

In essence she says & he says … accept life as it shows it to you, because that is what you are. You can play mind power games but life can be so much more, deeper and emotionally inspiring, gratifying when you open your self for the great wave. Be like a surfer on the big wave and experience life in all its fullness. Stop the monkey mind, let your mind become still as a leaf on the surface of a hidden pond, somewhere deep deep inside of the Secret that is you.

And feel the energy flowing under you and in you. Now is the time to be. Here you can begin to learn to understand the real meaning of life.


FREE Video Satsang Page
To hear Christine Breese’s audio meditations and download them FREE also visit for four 10 minute meditations and go to to download full length 15-30 minute meditations that are part of the courses at University Of Metaphysical Sciences

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>> Christine Breese Video Satsang, Satsang You Tube


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