Oberon Diagnostic

The non-lined diagnostic system (NLS) is the most modern medical techniques available, which belongs to the most astonishing achievements of our century.

This is a unique diagnostic apparatus, based on the spectrum analysis of rotating magnetic fields of living organisms.

Non-lined diagnostic System (NLS) gives full information about the patient’s health and about the very first signals of the disease’s symptoms ( including the oncologic ones ), which was impossible to locate by any other diagnostic method ( X-ray, CAT scanning etc. ). These methods can only show the already present mutated form.

Numerous experiments taken at the Institute of Applied Psychophysics (IPS) confirm a very close relation between the magnetic fields and the biological systems. Those kind of fields are being used in the biological systems as a way of the exterior and internal cell co-operation. The rotating magnetic field takes a very important part in the process of information transfer and in the biological system co-operation. >> more

In conclusion

  1. Thanks to the administration program, the human’s brain collects and preserves information about the cells, tissues, interior organs, systems, presenting them in form of matrixes (signals, pictures).
  2. This information shows not only the problems of a particular organ but also it’s connection with other organs, tissues, systems, organism, the internal and exterior environment.
  3. The administration program, established by the brain, always contains information about any changes happening in the human being’s organism and expressed in various relations of the matrixes.
  4. The program manages the actions of a human’s organism, bringing it’s organs, systems and tissues activity, to a harmony with the information places in it.
  5. The virtual scanner enables to receive information about any level of the administration program, to change this information and to have a positive influence on the organs, systems and tissues condition.
  6. The virtual scanning always considers the most subtle, individual features of every single patient during the whole treatment and is totally save.

>> www.oberonservice.com
>> www.brainresponse.nl


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