How the BICOM® 2000 works

Do you have the time

Do you have the time to take notice of this video. You are here for a reason and therefore you will have time to let this video speak for it self. As soon as you have seen this video I am sure you will have seen possibilities for usage and most likely are becoming a open for investigation of this method. Enjoy.

Bicom2000 demonstration video

Methodology and Technology

Are you becoming enthousiastic as I am. Well,  know this the BICOM 2000 works with the body’s physiological oscillation patterns and pathological oscillation patterns.

An important way cells communicate is through electromagnetic frequencies. Cell researcher Bruce Lipton, PhD. reports that cells are 100 times more sensitive to electromagnetic information (signals) than to chemical information.

(Alternative Medicine, Issue 46, March 2002, “High Technology Meets Ancient Medicine”, p. 92)

The science of the BICOM method has been developed over the last 25 years through research and clinical experience from around the world. This highly effective and pleasant energy modulation, without harmful side effects, applies bio-physical principles to living organisms. >> More

Training and Education
At EBI we believe the BICOM 2000 Method is part technology and part methodology. For that reason, we place a high priority on training and support. BICOM 2000 promotes health, prevents illness and prolongs vitality! To that end, EBI provides ongoing opportunities for education and training seminars throughout the year in the U.S. and Germany by some of the most learned BICOM specialists. >> More




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