Get rid of your allergies , can you

Allergy Tap

Dr. Jimmy Scott is the creator of the “Allergy Tap“, a most successful way for eliminating allergies. We have done workshops with Rochlitz, Scott and Dennison, and Frank is an Educational Kinesiology instructor.

Using similar methods Dr. Rod runs a successful allergy clinic based on the NAET technique (kinesiology and acupuncture).

Bicom 2000

The German magazine “Der Spiegel ” ran an article a few years ago about curing allergies. The Bicom (bioresonans therapy) came out as a clear winner among the known and tested methods. We have been using the Bicom for years for treating allergies. We test all our clients for wheat and milk allergy as these seem to be the most prevalent.

The known allergies are then successfully treated with the Bicom or allergy tapping. Nutrition and detoxification is another very important aspect in eliminating allergies. Here at Moinhos Velhos we use all of the above methods.

With our Allergy Fasting and Detoxification Program, the elimination of toxins, miasma, parasites and heavy metals and the application of the Bicom and/or allergy tapping, we have a most successful track record of permanently eliminating allergies.



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Practitioner of Specialized Kinesiology, The Netherlands
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