KaiZen, (C)Lean Production Restyling

KaiZen, (C)Lean Production Restyling
Mar 18, 2007

KaiZen, Lean Manufacturing, Just In Time (JiT) are related to the same principle: (C)lean Production Restyling.

(C)lean Production Restyling is a state of being and has:
1. personal discipline,
2. improved morale,
3. teamwork,
4. quality circles, and
5. suggestions for improvement.
in mind. Constantly refining, always on guard. One can never reach perfection, just because of the principle of Tai Chi. Without Yin there is no Yang and vice versa. Without light there is no dark. The aim for perfection is the goal in it self.

Reflecting on the parts, it has its focus on the people and their interaction, the things they produce, the environment where they produce and the products they make. Starting with people, their way of thinking, acting, producing as a single person and as a group. Up to the restyling of the ways of production with optimal efficiency (cleanliness/tidiness/orderliness) in mind.
It is a way for people who can not handle bulk and chaos, because it brings them in a state of overwhelm.
When stress is at its peak, one can start to feel one can not act. It gives you reason to freeze up. And eventually it will do so. But not if you come to yourself. Discipline yourself to sober up, that is when the Way of KaiZen kicks in.
It frees you from the ties of chaos. One gets to feel the air in the lungs, the space to move and the will to live again.
When you do things Just in Time, you do things when they are required. No long term actions, no extraordinary space occupation.

Lean or “having a noticeably small amount of body fat” is where you have no or little reserve for back up. And rely on the availability of resources when there is need. It gives you freedom to travel light and be flexible in your actions.

Some people like it others don’t.


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